Alexandra Usurelu – Padurea de Ganduri

Together with Bobby Stoica we have created a wonderful version of the live recording of “Padurea de Ganduri” by Alexandra Usurelu. Mastering this song has been a fairytale experience.

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Thank you for sending me this version in such a short time. Space is GREAT, snare became bigger, bottom end is controlled, not too boomy. A more lively tune that is now, for sure. I intend to work again with you! Bobby Stoica – Studio Manager Voltart

!The unmastered version of Padurea de Ganduri is a pre-master mix, intentionally created with at least 6 dB headroom and no bus compression or limiting. For this demonstration both the unmastered and mastered copies have been converted to 320kbps MP3 files for faster playback over the web.

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