Andy Pickering – This Lifes For Me

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Andy Pickering - Many Tears

Andy Pickering is one of the first clients to have his work mastered at the new SWT Mastering Studio. He owns his own recording studio and knows very well what he wants the result of the mastering process to sound like. Andy opted for SWT Mastering because of the high quality analogue gear used in the mastering process. We started by creating the “sound” for Many Tears 2017 and after incorporating a few comments from Andy, proceeded with This Lifes For Me, Take Me Again 2017 and Wondering Tomorrow 2017.

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Great service and good price! I had my EP mastered here. They stayed in contact throughout mastering and made all necessary tweaks until the perfect master was achieved. – Andy Pickering

!The unmastered version of This Lifes For Me is a premaster mix, intentionally created with at least 6 dB headroom and no bus compression or limiting. For better comparison we have increased the volume of the unmastered track by 6 dB. For demo purposes only, both the unmastered and mastered copies are converted to 320kbps MP3 files for faster playback over the web.

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