Domino – Hora Lolelor

Domino live on stage in Sibiu

For Greenville Music Alternative Record Label Bucharest, SWT has mastered “Hora Lolelor” by Domino.

Domino succeed in being a unique band thanks to the improbable sounds they combine – hammered dulcimer, distorted bass riffs and thunderous drums. Live on stage they are a force of nature, always surprising their audience with their infectious good mood and stellar musicianship. They draw a lot from alternative rock, but their main influence is Romanian folklore – most notably the fabled “doina”, a particular type of song.

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Finally! A real high-end and a professional mastering studio in Romania! Very glad that we found you, Herman! Thank you for your services, for your promptitude. Highly recommended, SWT Mastering! – Vlad Stoicescu, Greenville Music, Bucharest.

!The unmastered version of Hora Lolelor is a pre-master mix, intentionally created with at least 6 dB headroom and no bus compression or limiting. For demo purposes only, both the unmastered and mastered (shortened) copies are converted to 320kbps MP3 files for faster playback over the web.

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