Eurovision 2018 – SWT Mastering supports Romanian acts competing in the National selections.

The 2018 Eurovision logo
Eurovision 2018

The 63rd edition of the Eurovision competition, organised by Portugal, is an event that has the Romanian music industry flexing it’s muscles. This year, no less than 60 acts are competing for the honour to represent Romania in Lisbon.

SWT Mastering is collaborating with a few of these acts, to make them sound as good as possible.

Liviu Anghel (facebook) is competing with “Rise Up”.

Liviu Anghel and band on stage
Liviu Anghel competing in the Eurovision 2018 National selections for Romania.

Zavera (facebook) entered the National selection with “Come Back To Me”.

Zavera on stage
Zavera competing in the Romanian National selections for Eurovision 2018.

We support these acts by mastering their song and providing feedback to enhance the provided mixes. All to ensure that these candidates enter with the best possible sounding songs.