how good or bad is the bettermaker mastering limiter

This is one of those hardware devices that fades the borders between ITB plugins and OTB analog gear. This limiter's signal path is all analog, yet the controls are completely digital and can even be controlled, just like a plugin, from your favourite DAW. Could it be the best of both worlds?

The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter - is it any good?

When mastering outside the box with analog hardware, making on the fly adjustments or recalling a session can be a little time consuming. Manually riding the threshold to adjust the limiting throughout a song is not as accurate as one would like (although you could argue that manual changes by the human hand create the perfect imperfections…) and is a pain to reproduce later on. Administrating the settings for all equipment used in the session is a bit of a choir. Somewhat easier nowadays days because of our smartphones and the possibility to store images next to our sessions – but still something that you need to get right.

The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter has become our go to outboard limiter in the past years. There are not many songs that we’ve mastered without it being part of the mastering chain. The pure sound quality is why we added this limiter to our arsenal of mastering gear in the first place. Only after we started using it, we discovered how much of a time saver this unit actually is.

Through the touchscreen on the front, you have direct access to all settings and functions. Besides the obvious limiter function, there’s also a wide variety of highly accurate metering and analysis options.

In depth analysis with various metering options

With the Bettermaker Mastering plugin you can fully control the unit from within your DAW. This makes it possible to automate the various settings and makes recalling a session as simple as can be.

As mentioned before, since we acquired it, we have used this limiter for almost every song we have mastered.

Switch on the M/S mode, add a few percent of clipping and play a bit with the volume control – and you have an absolute invisible limiter that shaves just half or a full dB of the top. Crank it up to full attack, add some harmonics and drive it hard  and you have a first class taste maker. It amazes us how hard you can actually drive this unit without creating distortion. That flexibility makes this mastering limiter not only perfect for mastering but also great for mixing.

So, yes – we think the Bettermaker Mastering Limiter is good – very good.

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