Online Mastering Options and Extras

Online Mastering is simple and affordable with SWT Mastering. Our state of the art Analogue Mastering Studio allows us to reveal and fix possible problems in your mix. Even though online mastering is perceived as a remote and impersonal process, we always like to talk with our clients and work together with them to obtain the best possible result. Feedback about a mix or proposed mix tweaks that will make for a better master are part of our service for our clients.

Choose the right option for your project:

Option 1 – Single Track

Analogue Mastering of 1 track with a maximum length of 6 minutes – delivery as 24-bits 48 kHz WAV file (different sample/bit rates available on request) plus a high quality MP3 (320 Kbps) copy.

Price per track: 65,00 Euro / 75.00 USD

Option 2 – Album

Analogue Mastering of multiple tracks with a maximum length each of 6 minutes – delivery as 24-bits 48 kHz WAV file (different sample/bit rates available on request) plus a high quality MP3 (320 Kbps) copy.

For Albums we also create an overall coherence between the tracks regarding sound color and volume.

First track: 65,00 Euro / 75.00 USD
Each additional track: 50,00 Euro / 57.00 USD

Option 3 – Stem Mastering

Sometimes it is just more practical to master individual tracks instead of the whole mix. Even working with just a separate music mix and vocal mix (2 stems), will give us more flexibility in creating the perfect master.

Base fee / first stem: 50,00 Euro / 57.00 USD
Additional fee per stem: 20,00 Euro / 22.50 USD

Select any extras you need:

Altered / Alternate Mix version

For when you’ve changed your mix (after we’ve mastered it) or have an alternate mix version (backing track, etc.)

Additional fee per altered / alternate mix: 25,00 Euro / 28.50 USD

Optimised Version

Maybe you need a version of your mastered track optimised for CD duplication (16-bits 44.1 kHz) (DDP not included), digital distribution and streaming services (Youtube, Tidal, Spotify, etc.), or a radio or club edit.

Additional fee per optimised version: 25,00 Euro / 28.50 USD

Mastered for iTunes (MFIT) / iTunes Plus AAC

When mastering for iTunes, we recapture the audio at the end of our analogue mastering chain at a resolution of 24-bit 96 kHz. This format contains more detail from which iTunes’ encoders can create more accurate encodes. We verify each MFIT master with specific tools and audition it on an iPhone and iPad, making sure that your song sounds as good as can be on iTunes.

Additional fee per Mastered for iTunes master: 50,00 Euro / 57.00 USD

1 to 2 days Rush Service 

In case you need a master faster than our standard 4 to 5 days delivery time, we can deliver it within 1 to 2 days. Contact us for availability!

Additional fee: 25,00 Euro / 28.50 USD

12 Hour Rush Service 

In case you need a master ultra fast. Contact us for availability!

Additional fee: 50,00 Euro / 57.00 USD

How To Order

Although we’re big fans of online automation, we prefer to speak with our clients before we start collaborating. That’s why we kindly ask you to contact us through the contact form on this website or through Facebook Messenger

We’ll usually follow up within a few hours to establish the details of your project.

Payment for our Online Mastering Services can be made by banktransfer (most suited for EU residents) and Credit Card or Paypal.

Listed prices do not include VAT/TVA
Updated on the 17th of March, 2019