SWT Mastering equipment overview

Close up of mastering desk with analogue equipment
The mastering desk at SWT Mastering

To achieve the highest possible sound quality when mastering, you’ll need high quality mastering equipment. At our studio we use a carefully selected blend of new and vintage, analogue and digital equipment. We do our processing in the analogue domain and some with digital outboard processors and use a few software plugins for limiting, metering and analysis.


Maselec MLA-4 Multiband Compressor / Expander
Maselec MLA-2 Compressor
NEVE 33609 Compressor (metal knob version)
Maselec MEA-2 Equalizer
Analogue Addicts custom Pultec style EQ with EMI valve pre module
Bettermaker Analoge Mastering Limiter
TC Electronic Finalizer 96K
Orban DAB9600
Orban 418A Stereo HF limiter

Playback, Recording & Editing

Protools 12 HDX system with HD I/O 8x8x8 audio interface and Antelope Orion32 HD

Various legacy systems such as: SONY PCM-7040 DAT recorder, SONY DVW-510P Digital Betacam Player, Alesis HD24, Alesis ADAT XT 8 track recorder, TASCAM DA-88 Digital multitrack recorder.

AD/DA Conversion

2 x Antelope Pure2 Mastering Grade Convertor

Monitoring, Clocking, Routing & Metering

Antelope 10MX Master Clock
Maselec MTC-1X Stereo Mastering Console
DK-Technologies MSD100T/SA
NUGEN Audio MasterCheck plugin

Focal SM9 studio monitors
Neumann KH 805 active Subwoofers
Bowers & Wilkins 683
Hypex NC400 mono block amplifiers

Alternative monitoring options include: Apple iPhone 7 plus, iPad PRO, Fostex 6301B.

Have a look at the workflow used at SWT Mastering, explained by Herman