SWT Mastering equipment overview

SWT Mastering studio overview

For SWT Mastering's main mastering suite we have created an analog mastering chain that consists of specialised mastering equipment to ensure the highest possible sound quality for our mastering projects.

 (How many times can you put the word ‘mastering’ in one sentence…)

Outboard Processing

Playback, Recording & Editing

  • Protools HDX system with DigiDesign HD I/O 8x8x8 audio interface
  • Izotope RX Post Production Suite 5 (with RX8)

AD/DA Conversion

  • Antelope Pure2 Mastering Convertor
  • DigiDesign HD I/O 8x8x8

Clocking, Routing & Metering


Studio Furniture

  • Curuxa Customs V3 Acoustic Mastering Desk
  • xCase custom racks

Clean Power & Cabling

  • Van Damme StarQuad Cable & Neutrik Connectors
  • Custom Extra Shielded Power cords
  • Furman P-2300 IT E power conditioner

"Decorative" Equipment

  • SONY PCM-7040 DAT recorder
  • SONY DVW-510P Digital Betacam Player
  • Alesis HD24
  • Alesis ADAT XT 8 track recorder
  • TASCAM DA-88 Digital multitrack recorder
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