NEVE 33609 Compressor Limiter

Neve 33609 compressor limiter
When mastering, we play with colour. Not the ones you can see though. With SWT Mastering it’s all about colour you can hear (or feel when played loud enough).

Neve 33609 compressor limiter - vintage transformer flavour or hopelessly outdated?

If there’s one unit in our outboard gear arsenal that speaks to everyone’s imagination, it definitely must be the NEVE 33609 compressor / limiter. This is one of the earliest models, often referred to as the ‘metal knob’ version.

This unit’s flavour comes largely  from the St. Ives transformers. Because, as far as we know, these transformers where used only in the original broadcast versions of the 33609, we suspect that our version predates the C model. A few years back the unit was fully recapped and calibrated.

inside view of neve 33609
neve 33609 metal knob compressor limiter

To be totally honest, when mastering, we do not use it too much for actual compression of audio material. This Neve is one of our colouring tools. Simply running a signal through it, adds a certain flavour that works great on acoustical instruments.

Compressing just 0,5 db with a ratio of 4 to 1 and slowish attack and fast release glues a mix together beautifully.

All in all an amazing unit to work with and we’re proud of it being part of SWT’s collection of outboard gear.

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