The new studio is almost ready (video update) Super promotion coming soon

After months of hard work, the day when the new analog mastering studio of SWT Mastering will finally open is approaching fast. “Just a million more things to do…” as SWT Mastering’s owner Herman van der Veen explains it in a short video he posted recently to the SWT Mastering Facebook page.

Just a few days a go, the new studio desk and equipment racks arrived. Eager to see if it looks how we imagined it, we started hanging the mastering gear. Below a few pictures from the desk and mounted equipment.

mastering desk in stylish mat blak
The new desk filled with our mastering gear
side view of mastering desk
the mastering desk from the side
close up view of mastering desk and gear
close-up of the mastering desk and equipment


right hand bay from mastering desk
close up of mastering gear in new desk

More details about what still needs to be done (the final few steps) before we officially open our doors, can be seen in this video.

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Keep following us for more updates regarding the completion of the studio. Soon we’ll also share the details about an exiting promotion connected to the official launch of SWT Mastering.

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