Vintage analogue mixing desk for sale

SONY MXP-3036VF vintage analogue mixing desk for sale.

Update: This Mixing Desk is now SOLD.

Many years ago, Japanese SONY entered into the “professional audio console business” by buying an American company called MCI. One of the first result of this new venture was the MXP-3000 series. An evolved design of the MCI desks with a more transparant sound than most English mixing consoles such as EMI, SSL, etc. – but still with its own, unique analogue sound. The new design came with proprietary integrated circuit designs, all gold contacts and the best pots and parts available. And it was built like a tank!

SONY MXP 3036 VF vintage mixing console
The MXP 3036 VF as used in our mixing studio at SWT Mastering

The MXP 3036 that we offer for sale at SWT Mastering is the version with the Vacuum Fluorescent Displays. That technically makes it a MXP-3036VF version (but no one ever used that description). The advantage over the classic mechanical VU meters is that the VF display offers four different scales and their respective ballistics – VU, BBC (PPM), DIN and NORDIC metering and also a DC scale to display the VCA gain.

Our 3036 was originally bought by a Dutch recording studio (the story goes that Enya’s orinoco flow was recorded with it), then was used in a broadcast setup at RTL and then moved to our studio in Ludus, Romania. It was originally configured as a 24 channel mixer. After we bought it we also started collecting extra channels, pre-amps, EQ modules and faders.

The reason that we’ve decided to try and find a new owner for our beloved 3036 is that we simply do not have the space for it anymore and are now entirely focussed on Analogue Audio Mastering.

What is included in the sale?

  • 1 MXP 3036 frame filled with 24 channels, 24 faders, 24 mic pre’s, master section, patch bay and VF meter bridge.
  • 3 power supplies. One for the desk, one for the meter bridge and one for the automation (we also have the pc, interface and remote control – but have never used or even tried it).
  • A box full of 12 extra channels, 12 fader modules, 8 EQ and other spare parts.
  • Original user manual and technical – service – documentation plus 3 extender boards for servicing modules and channels.

This is a very complete set in good working condition. (We’re not saying ‘perfect’ because there’s always something that needs fixing on this type of vintage analogue audio gear.)

Where is the mixer located?

The whole lot is currently stored in Targu Mures, Romania. We can ship it anywhere in Europe, but it won’t be cheap as it is extremely heavy and needs to be handled with love and care. We suggest that you get in a van and pick it up yourself. That’s what we did when we discovered it in Holland.

Update: This Mixing Desk is now SOLD.

We’re also selling our microphone collection.

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